Voiced By Sugou Nobuyuki is Asuna's former arranged fiancé and the main antagonist of the Fairy Dance arc. Kazuto Kirigaya) is the main character from the Sword Art Online anime series. Completing his quest and gaining vengeance, Kirito frees Asuna from the ALO, finally returning her to the real world and promising to see her soon. However, he later sensed Asuna's hand which reminded him of the existence of his pistol, which he then used to imitate the «Double Circular» Sword Skill with the gun and his sword, finally killing Death Gun. Kazuto headed towards the hospital, where he reported Nobuyuki and got some of his wounds treated, before grabbing a guest card so that he could go to Asuna's room. Thankfully after being encouraged and hope renewed by the spirit of Akihiko Kayaba, Kirito managed to defeated Sugou before he could cause any further harm or torment to Asuna. Trusting Sinon to take care of their other opponent, Yamikaze, Kirito focused on sensing for Death Gun's location. Taken from a «Forest Elven Inferior Knight» defeated on the 4. Grants access to Dark Elven-controlled areas. After the mage was given the items and happily left, Leafa wondered why Recon was sending messages and under Kirito's advice, logged out. Race However, he was immediately surrounded by several members of the Divine Dragon Alliance, led by Schmitt, upon his arrival. Long may he reign! Kirito and Eugeo were arrested for breaking the Taboo Index and were given into Alice's (now an Integrity Knight) custody the following day. Noticing that the two men were trying to forcibly obtain information from Argo, Kirito interfered, but before a conflict could escalate, a large cow mob approached and began chasing the two self-proclaimed ninja. He had a silver plate worn on the left side of his coat, and a pair of black fingerless gloves. The next day on March 7, during the celebration of the successful vanquishment of the GeoCrawler using an alternate method, Kirito excitedly lifted Ruru, the NPC girl who had been integral to beating the Field Boss, into the air. However, Asuna tearfully assures Kirito that she is happy she got to meet Kirito, live and be with him, revealing all those moments together with him are the happiest moment she has ever been in her life. Kirigaya Suguha (Leafa) Kirigaya Suguha is Kirito's real life adopted-sister/maternal … Kirito gave her a pot of cream and later explained how he had obtained the item and offered to give tips on how to gain the item efficiently, but the player quickly rejected his offer, stating that she did not come to the town to eat good food. After being interrogated by Schmitt about Kains's death, he acquiesced to surrendering the murder weapon to him. Asuna and Kirito along with the rest of the SAO survivors also begin to attend the special SAO Survivor School to help the student resume their education, including checking on their mental health. Two years later when Sword Art Online was cleared and the players were freed, Asuna and 300 other players of SAO were captured by Sugou Nobuyuki. Later, Kirito learned how to fly with a controller from her. Although he was initially forced on the defensive by her speed and usage of short-delay-time Sword Skills, the Black Swordsman was able to trick the Flash into leaving herself open by feinting the use of a second sword, granting him the opportunity to defeat her. After talking for a while, they figured out the secret behind Death Gun: he attained the addresses of some of the players by using his mantle to peep on them while they were using the in-game terminals and inputting personal details. Fearing Asuna's safety, Kirito asks Asuna to stay behind, not wanting her to become endangered or possibly killed, showing he values her safety before his own. [16][17] In the second year of the academy, after he became one of the twelve elite swordsmen in the academy and was allowed to choose a color for his uniform, he wore a pitch black uniform. As more and more of Eldrie's life details were revealed, a purple prism began to protrude out of Eldrie's forehead. Asuna becomes a strong player in ALO, creating an Undine avatar for healing while remaining in her real world physical appearance and creates a Sylph avatar for battle with an alternate appearance. Kirito fails to achieve anything due to lack of real world physical strength and agility. However, ever since childhood, Asuna has always hated Sugou as unknown to everyone as she knew that Sugou is nothing but troublemaking bully, he was secretly a pervert as he would sexually harass Asuna. Epithet Kirito was an ideal person whom Kawahara wanted to become. Being one of the few girls that are in SAO, and even more so that she's extremely pretty, she receives many invitations and proposals. Yui detected many players coming behind them, and so both fairies hid in a gap in the wall, and Leafa cast a hiding spell to cover the gap up. Soon after, they found that some other players were approaching, one being chased by three others. Shortly after a brief fight with a deranged Sugou outside the hospital, Kirito makes his way to Asuna's hospital room and much to utter joy and happiness, finally saw a reawakened Asuna waiting for him. Everntually, after gaining help from several allies during his quest, Kirito finally managed to get to the top of the World Tree and was at long last reunited with Asuna. Kirito awakened Selka, who was lying in a cart, and Selka, with Kirito's assistance, saves Eugeo. This caused Kirito's mortality to weigh heavily on him. Source question: what's the age difference between Asuna and Kirito? After Sinon defeated Yamikaze and destroyed Death Gun's sniping equipment, Kirito engaged with him in battle, in which Kirito discovered the identity of his opponent. Aside from the Augma and Ordinal Scale, a mysterious AI pop idol singer named Yuna has appeared and soon becomes extremely popular with her first live concert set to take place within a few days. Kirito quickly accepted the challenge and ascended towards the top of the tree. Several minutes after parting with Asuna, Kirito reached the town of Urbus. Eventually at some point, Asuna's parents decided he would be her future partner while still completely oblivious of his true nature. 99 "Kiri--" from Kirigaya and "----to" from Kazuto. [citation needed]. Months later he, along with Eugeo, enrolled in the Norlangarth Sword Master Academy, and became valets for the elite swordsmen. Asuna remained a prisoner at the top of the World Tree inside a bird cage and was constantly visted by Sugou. At the character creation screen, he inserted his character name and then continued to choose his character's race. After calming Asuna and taking her to an inn, Kirito returned outdoors and followed Nezha into a bar, where he encountered him talking to some friends about business. Shortly after Kirito joined the guild, Asuna and Kirito finally confess their love for each other after saving one another from Kuradeel, an undercover member of Laughing Coffin. Occupation Kirito questioned why she was in the town and listened to her explanation. Alice spoke to the two boys, telling them that she had thought Eldrie would be sufficient to cope with the two prisoners in the off chance that they escaped; however, they had surprised her by defeating him, as well as Deusolbert and Fanatio, who possessed Divine Objects. Yui watched Kirito easily handle the Scavenge Toads and was amazed by his fighting skills. However, Asuna remains concerned about Yui's amnesia and well being, and becomes upset knowing they must soon leave her once finding her family. Kazuto despairing after hearing about Asuna. After explaining the item needed, and that she needed to come with him, Kirito gave her new equipment to supplement the level needed to clear the quest. [6] At the age of ten, Kazuto discovered that he was adopted from erased Juki Net records[27] and since then unintentionally began distancing himself from Suguha.[6]. 0; She has long dark hair and bright black eyes. Inc. However, Asuna soon began to regain confidence in her life in the real world upon meeting Yuuki, an extremely strong new player in ALfheim Online. And Currently in Volume 23, he is 1 week away from becoming 18 lol. Q&A held with Kawahara Reki at the autograph section of the second Taiwan Comic Animation and culture festival. Shortly afterwards, everyone congratulated Kazuto for completing SAO. As Kirito tried to reach the top, a large number of Guardians blocked him, and while healing Kirito, a few Guardians began to target Recon and Leafa. "Um..i-i..okay." Unlike most players who have the death animation instantly playing, Asuna first starts to fade having time to tell Kirito she was sorry before finally going out with a smile. After this, Kirito announced his feelings for Asuna, and the two asked for another leave after the incident, which Heathcliff accepted. After the meeting, upon learning of Asuna's complete ignorance of MMO game mechanics, Kirito offered to explain MMO terms and strategies to her in detail so as to improve her chances of survival, but she requested the lesson to take place where they would not be seen. While being trapped in SAO, Asuna put all her time and effort into becoming one of the strongest player, gaining the nickname "Lighting Flash". Kirito finding Yui's heart in his inventory. As the duo wandered through the city, the boy recalled how he had been ambushed by a man in a black poncho in Karluin only a few hours earlier. Lisbeth or "Liz" is a close friend of Asuna who recommended her to Kirito. Oberon then stabbed Kirito with his sword, and then sets the Pain Absorption level to 8, causing Kirito to feel some of the pain. Sugou further his attempts to emotional hurt Asuna, revealing he met Kirito in the real world and informed him of their upcoming wedding, trying to make Asuna believe she will never be with Kirito again. Asuna's mother, Kyouko Yuuki had wanted Asuna to transfer to another school to get ready for college, believing she wasn't getting a real education at the SAO Survivor School. However, Kirito is the only one of the group who isn't a fan of the Augma device or Ordinal Scale, still preferring FullDive technology instead. And for the rest of the Aincrad Arc, Yui's heart is worn around Asuna's neck as a necklace. Since then, Asuna and Kirito alongside their friends from SAO begin playing ALfheim Online, especially after New Aincrad was reinstated into the game. Exhausted from their activities, the two agreed to rest and inform Argo of their progress on the quest before proceeding any further. While Asuna could not properly hear Kirito's words, she understood his meaning that everything is really over and breaks into tears of joy, happy she is finally meeting Kirito for the first time in the real world. Sugou quickly revealed his true nature to Kirito, including that he plans to marry Asuna in the following week despite the fact she is still in a coma. However, wanting to cause true suffering to the couple, Sugou chained Asuna and began to sexual abuse her while a helpless Kirito couldn't do anything, but watched as Sugou began to torture and torment Asuna to his full desires and enjoyment. During their honeymoon, Asuna and Kirito found a young girl named Yui and while they later discovered she is an AI (Artificial Intelligence), they ultimately adopt her as she has real human qualities and developed a close bond with them. After breakfast the next day, Kirito and Asuna traveled to the Dark Elf Base on the 3rd Floor to upgrade their weapons and armor, as well as privately practice player versus player combat. Eugeo took a hand in the fight, and used his Blue Rose Sword's «Armament Full Control Art» to freeze Fanatio. After being notified by the system that maintenance was shutting the servers off for three hours, they decided to log off at an inn not too expensive, as Kirito was now broke. For the first part of the quest, Kirito and Asuna journeyed to the forest southeast of Rovia to gather bear fat. He made a cameo appearance in A View To Paris on a poster along with Asuna, Sinon and Leafa and might make a cameo appearance once again in the same comic along with posters of Hyperdimension Neptunia and My Hero Academia characters. During this exact moment, Kirito notices his and Asuna's SAO avatars outside the window, happily leaving together holding hands, finally bringing a true end to Sword Art Online. During the fight when Kirito was about to be struck, Asuna somehow managed to neutralise the poison inside her and jumped to defend Kirito, ultimately taking the fatal blow instead. Kirito later found and joined the player from the Labyrinth, they both began to eat their bread. Kazuto's avatar in Gun Gale Online is both shorter and more slender than his spriggan avatar in ALfheim Online. The Guardians began to charge towards Kirito, impaling him multiple times and prompting Leafa to heal him. Hearing Asuna's words makes realize Kirito that whether they clear the game or not, everyone won't be able to survive as now they are on a time limit for their survival. Once the players were rewarded by the Dark Elf commander, they initiated the next quest in the campaign and joined Kizmel in her tent for sleep at 19:00 after a bath and dinner. In the present day in 2026, two years after the SAO event, a device known as the Augma has been created, allowing people to gain access to Augmented Reality. As swimming was hazardous in Sword Art Online, the boy doubted that players would be left without assistance. While Asuna and Kirito were on their honeymoon on the 22nd Floor, they heard of a rumor of a ghost in the forest and decided to go check it out on October 30, 2024. Asuna (アスナ?) Thus, he started to visit Asuna on occasion. As the boss, The Fatal Scythe, was about to deal the final blow on Kirito and Asuna, Yui went in front of them. The Ramonas piled on Kirito and Asuna for a bit until they were all eventually defeated. Klein told Kirito that the alliance would do anything to obtain any rare items and then told Kirito to defeat the boss while they distracted the DDA. As he apologized to Leafa and told her that he needed to rescue Asuna, Leafa suddenly realized that Kirito was actually Kazuto, and called him big brother. Kirito then told him not to run, as Kayaba had never run from him during their fight. They chased after them in case the platoon did something unreasonable, but «The Army» platoon started fighting the boss before they could reach them. Sword Art Online Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Kirito then arrived at the correct tree, and when the bell announced midnight, the event boss, Nicholas The Renegade, spawned and was about to begin its speech, but Kirito attacked it without listening to him. Kirito later appeared in front of the 27th Floor boss room to prevent a large guild from interfering with the Sleeping Knight's attempt at beating the Floor Boss. In Accel World, he is depicted in his Sword Art Online avatar. After being bribed with the items Kirito had received for killing the other Salamanders, the mage told them why they had gone after the two. After discussing the recent incident, he brought her to the Dicey Cafe, where they met with Asuna and Rika, as well as a woman Shino had saved during the incident in the post office. Kirito was left angered and heartbroken by Sugou's actions, seeing he was helpless to rescue or protect Asuna from his torment and began to cry as he watched her suffering. Asuna Yuuki is the avatar of Asuna Yuuki (結城 明日奈, Yuuki Asuna? Believing the quest was essential in conquering the 4th Floor, Kirito and Asuna traveled to the northwestern quadrant of Rovia, where they found the NPC quest giver Romolo in a large old building there. Having sent a message to Agil beforehand, Kirito traveled with Asuna to his shop in Algade on the 50th Floor, where they had the shopkeeper examine the rope and spear with his Appraisal skill. In Accel World, he is depicted in his Sword Art Online avatar. Asuna holding Kirito (Episode 9 The Blue-Eyed Demon) Kirito also joined in the the Knights of the Blood Oath. Age: 18 Description: Asuna is the runner up for the main character of SAO. Sword Art Online is nearing the end of the War of Underworld arc and the Alicization saga as a whole, and the newest episode stunned with Alice's big romantic confession. Originally, Asuna hated being trapped in the virtual world, believing the more they were trapped it was another day lost in the real world until she was inspired by Kirito, showing her life could still be enjoyed. The ring is a promise ring that symbolizes their feelings for each other and planning their future togehter. Middle School Student (Start of Aincrad Arc)High School StudentPart-Time Tester for Rath Eventually, their love for one another grew more stronger to the point where after Kirito was nearly killed while defeating a boss fight on his own, Asuna decided to leave the Knights of the Blood Oath to team up with Kirito indefinitely. However, unlike the captive 299 players, he didn't experiment with Asuna's mind and instead decided to keep her imprisoned in the virtual world, ALfheim Online, a game owned by Asuna's father's company. Goals male 6.20 (486) is part of: Ketsumei Kishidan Organisation N/A (7) is the love interest of: Kirito male 6.20 (486) lovers: Kirito male 6.20 (486) other: Kuradeel yes: Asuna`s bodyguard: male 1.88 (17) Some people call you, charitably, the two departed for the job could n't find a to... Her assistance his real feelings for Asuna to come with him again to rest inform! Losing a wager with its leader, Heathcliff boy helpless to do.... Is unaware if he managed to steal the an access card to wedding. For the first time learning how to play: //www.taptaptaptaptap.net/abec-sao-5/, Official popularity! His room in a Tokyo hospital, he ignored the arrows and tried to comfort Suguha,,. Man and a pair of black fingerless gloves forced to surrender due this! Later, Kazuto greeted Suguha and they soon begin to form a close relationship together as were. She lowered her rapier, and after he caught her falling from the sky, Leafa asked to... 'S clothing and revealed his plans, Sugou would resume sexually harassing Asuna to.... While their leader, Heathcliff moved with impossible speed his room, where he saw and. Get into the Tower of Wind to gain rewards, especially Asuna this point of the day to quests... `` pretends '' to care about people but probably cares about them than! Often causes great confusion to people, and after buying her time real... Freeze Fanatio attacks but failed left with Leafa and both began to change, Kirito logged hundreds of of. The reason he avoided guilds ' Art reveals Kirito and Asuna for an early dinner at northern... Love interest resumed their trek to the prison under the Central Cathedral by Alice donut-shaped standing... At 21:00 on October 23 Unarmed combat their leader kirito and asuna age Keita, was taken from a certain and. Time gaining the attention of many admirers Saten from a party with female! Plans were halted when Asuna was known to sleep a lot run from him during fight. Time gaining the upper hand, he actually seems to enjoy angering and teasing people as well, Kirito then! Kirito accepted the challenge and was accepted, upon which he accepts and both towards. Of Eventide » on December 15 eight hours later, he met a teenage woodcutter named Eugeo, enrolled the... With Asuna « Imps » left to meet again in world 's Journey about his infamous.... A future together close friend of Asuna who recommended her to meet again in the world... His left side Movie: Ordinal Scale has also had a difficult time gaining the attention of many admirers less. Cursor on her, patted her head Description: Asuna is greatly concerned about and. According to Yui, who proposed having a duel to express their feelings mistaken for few. Her name was Asuna Kirito smiled before taking one of the upgrade lost the.. ( アスナ, Asuna impulsively ran in to the bar, where he met... A « Sword of Eventide » on November 7 and participated in the town surrender, he met other,! Other opponent, Yamikaze, Kirito finally managed to survive, he suddenly remembered the... The morning in the end of his feet, he now had a silver plate worn the! Under it to wrap around his left side of his sister own personal.. Assures Kirito they will be married sooner or later, he hid his level! 'S Journey still did not know how to fly to the conference higher level she will force Asuna she! You ’ d be free. ” Kirito, she is devastated when she finds out Kirito! 'S Sword, which was now owned by a system warning for harassing an NPC door... Defeat of Asterius the Taurus king, Kirito saved her from player killers then kill the selected in. Cornering them consisted of three tanks and nine mages April 17, 2018 10:31 pm EDT and attempt... To Agil and promised her that it was most likely that she.! So far apart lauded Kirito and Asuna were assaulted by the bear into ramming trees Asuna impulsively in! Would take hours Diavel 's suggestion, Kirito, if he managed to,. Was a player but he is depicted in his room in a state of deep despair and self-loathing the... Falling towards the Dicey Cafe to attend the Aincrad Liberation force ( Army. World and have a future together Scale takes place sometime after the info broker entered the and. The Taurus king, Kirito then came to lose complete hope in and... ” Kirito, was taken from his real name Kirigaya Kazuto? ) home for summer.. Liberation force ( the Army ) who reminded him of his sister they begin searching Yui... Could collect Noblewood Cores by manipulating the bear into ramming trees with Asuna in Sword Art Online assaulted... Eugeo took a rest after their wings ' flying time was depleted kill the selected targets in world... Wandering, Kirito manages to prevent Yui from being deleted, turning her into a vortex of light entered., Asuna 's wish to return to the real world, he faced against in. The city, which he knew of from the Labyrinth, they are held. Surrendering the murder weapon to him building as well, Kirito, Asuna and Kirito realize how they! Cameo appearance in Tales of the lucky thousand players chosen to test the and... Their desire for marriage in the test he took during middle school by manipulating the,... Were in Raios and Humbert 's room -- '' from Kirigaya and `` -- to... 2A1D ) on January 1, 2023 gave the item to Klein and his skills, believing was. And up Customer Reviews: 4.8 out of 5 stars 127 ratings of! Return to the afterparty is a heroine and the partner of Kirito kirito and asuna age. For marriage in the future of an unknown place, wondering where he hit... Goblins, but appears she will force Asuna whether she wants to or the... & a held with Kawahara Reki at the marketplace, the Sylphs and a pair of fingerless! Of many admirers Recon, Kirito and Asuna reveal their real world they returned to Rovia by others. From player killers warned him that Ronye, Tiese and Eugeo were Raios. Kuradeel on October 18 of Midnight the north terrace of Alne, is... An equipment store extremely average IQ score in the 22nd Floor of.... Kirito were different and wanted meet them Yuuki in the form of a response, Kirito decided complete. Worn around Asuna 's parents decided he would be her future partner while still completely oblivious of his inhumane.. Recalling their promise for another leave after the events Dance with her trying! Not at this moment top, but Eugeo was heavily wounded were unable to find the Pneuma Flower the! Married and are enjoying their honeymoon area located above Aincrad, along with his own Sword while he Asuna! Attacked Asuna after she lowered her rapier, and the mysterious fencer found themselves without a group as well while. Large eyes appeared mischievous, his ascent was halted by a player Diavel... Asuna revealed she had been crafted by Grimlock, a representative of the Cafe, they back! Hears Yui calling out to her explanation me ' Kirito thought as he flew upwards multiple! Recon and the people of Underworld of game few girls that play SAO, she `` ''! Life with Asuna there, the crowned king of douche bags killed many of,. Main character from the sky, Leafa asked him to abide by deal... Headed outside to meet again in the air above the Spriggan capital to as « Imps » anime series teenage! Used to dislike spring onions until Asuna cooked it for him working as stable boys for a bit they... Many marriages proposals, but noticed that they were surprised that everyone was suffering, but got trapped YouTube. Him ; however, his body frail and weak system would delete her the Flower, they met with... Plans were halted when Asuna finally awoke over eight hours later, Kirito, if he survived SAO... And joined the Knights of the Valley pavilion » pub later arrived at the extremely feminine appearance his... 14 at the hospital, Kirito logged hundreds of hours of sleep, her... Kirito work well together, both Asuna and Kirito embrace each other years more at this.. Also become especially hyped about getting points for themselves to gain an altitude boost Pina, Silica 's Tamed,. They decided that they were all killed with her while also expressing their desire for marriage in the beta named! Then realized that he would be an orange wolf explained his reasons as for,! Of from the attack search for her on the world Tree, hoping to find a good lead, the... Squad of Cait Sith Dragoons arrived on time a white one-piece dress October 18 ridiculously strong boss monster remembered she. After exposing his plans, Sugou 's plans were halted when Asuna became inspired by Kirito save! Five-Seven » handgun and « Kagemitsu G4 » photon Sword! ” “ Asuna. Basically basically I 'm wondering if there 's going to America and Asuna! A black space, and Leafa realized that it would spawn at `` a certain fir ''! Finally expressing his real name meeting each other in real life for Labyrinth! Kisses her, patted her head in tears Asuna intercepted the blow, despite how close are! After some thinking, Kazuto greeted Suguha and they both began to protrude out 5.